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Monday, July 12, 2021

TikTok wants to be LinkedIn for Gen Z, launches TikTok Resumes for video job applications


TikTok wants to be LinkedIn for Gen Z, launches TikTok Resumes for video job applications

graphical user interface: TikTok Newsroom© TikTok Newsroom TikTok Newsroom

TikTok launched the pilot program "TikTok Resumes" on Wednesday, hoping to connect Gen Z to job openings at major companies like Chipotle, Shopify, Target, and Alo Yoga.

The program is only accepting video resumes for a limited time, with applications open through July 31.

As of this year, there are more Gen Z users on TikTok than on Instagram- over half of the app's user base is younger than 24 years old. Comparatively, only 19.3% of Linkedin users belong to Gen Z.

TikTok users have already been using the platform as a tool for sharing career advice as well as providing tips for job openings, interview etiquette, and resume-building advice, Insider's Aleeya Mayo reported.

"CareerTok is already a thriving subculture on the platform," Nick Tran, Global Head of Marketing at TikTok, said. "We can't wait to see how the community embraces TikTok Resumes and helps to reimagine recruiting and job discovery."

"Interested candidates are encouraged to creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences, and use #TikTokResumes in their caption when publishing their video resume to TikTok," the company said.

Participating employers include Chipotle, Target, WWE, Alo Yoga, Shopify, Contra, Movers+Shakers and more.

The program launch comes amid a nationwide labor shortage that has left companies across industries struggling to hire enough workers.

You can access the TikTok Resumes program in the app through #TikTokResumes or at

Why To Post Your Blog On LinkedIn Instead Of Your Company Website


Why To Post Your Blog On LinkedIn Instead Of Your Company Website

LinkedIn & Personal Branding Expert - CEO & Founder of Black Marketing - 1,000+ LinkedIn Recommendations, 4 Best Selling Books.


I often get asked the question, “Why is no one reading my blog on my company website?” Very simply, I believe it’s because no one is going to your website to read your blogs (unless you’re, for example, in the publishing business). Even if people are interested in your website’s blog posts, you’re probably not notifying them that you have a blog published on your site.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, has 780 million people on it looking for content. If you publish on LinkedIn, all your followers have the potential to see it. It’s the opposite of the phrase “build it and they will come.” LinkedIn already built it for you.

If someone visits your company website, what do they typically want out of it? They want to know who you are, what you do and where to find you. Now, that makes perfect sense. That’s what the structure of websites is usually centered around, pages like About Us, Services and Contact Us.

Companies equipped with more robust marketing capabilities may have a blog section that is regularly updated to boost search engine rankings, engage with customers and drive thought leadership. But think about it: Your viewers probably aren’t on your website to read your blog posts.

What good is any content if it generates no likes, shares, engagement and advocacy? No one will share your blog from your website even if they manage to find it. However, they will on LinkedIn because it’s there in the feed and easy to engage with. Who do you think will leave a comment on a website? Not many people, but they will on LinkedIn, as it enhances their personal branding, too.

Also, unless you have tracking tools set up, you will have no idea who the viewers of your website blog are. Now that people are smarter about cookies, laws have changed about opting in and out of cookies and Apple has shut down the ability to target people through cookies, you have less of a chance of actually tracking people who go to your website.

That’s not the case on LinkedIn. You know who likes, comments and shares your content because people have to be logged in to do so; their profile comes up, and you can see who they are. You can also see those who, as a result of your engaging content, then view your profile.

LinkedIn even offers an opted-in tracking device called SmartLinks, which is part of its Sales Navigator Team subscription. You can use this for all your websites. I even use it for my Forbes page when I share on LinkedIn so that I can track who goes from LinkedIn to my Forbes page, but you can also use it for your content and website.

But the key to all social media, as I’ve observed, is that once people are on it, they rarely leave. So, you have to engage with them on their chosen platform. 

Follow the data. Follow the usage patterns of your potential customers. Publish on LinkedIn, not your website.

Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

MLB Home Run Derby 2021


MLB Home Run Derby 2021: Angels’ Shohei Ohtani falls to Nationals’ Juan Soto in epic swing-off, Mets’ Pete Alonso goes nuts

Bombs away.

The 2021 MLB Home Run Derby — part of All-Star week — will feature some of the game’s most impressive sluggers squaring off at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, at 8 p.m. Monday.

We’ll provide LIVE updates on all the action here.

Introducing Yankees Insider: Get exclusive news, behind-the-scenes observations and the ability to text message directly with beat writers

Not only will Ohtani compete in the derby, but he’ll also start for the American League and hit leadoff.

Ohtani has an MLB-best 33 home runs — five more than second-best Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The last time the All-Star Game was at Coors, during the Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa homer chase in the summer of 1998, Ken Griffey Jr. won the Derby by topping Jim Thome in a matchup for future Hall of Famers. McGwire hit the longest ball of the exhibition, a drive marked at 510 feet, but didn’t make it out of the first round.

UPDATED 8:18 p.m.


Mancini vs. Olson

What a battle. Mancini crushed 19 homers in regulation and then five more in the bonus. Olson started slow, but then picked up consistency. With a couple seconds left, Olson had a chance to tie Mancini, but he pulled to wide of the right-field foul pole.

Mancini needed a timeout at 2:07 with just two homers, and then he went off. His best homer stretch was five in a row. Four of Mancini’s blasts were 475 feet or more. He topped out at 496 feet. Then it was Olson’s turn. He had 10 bombs when he took a break with 1:15 left.

Result: Mancini 24, Olson 23.


Story vs. Gallo

Talk about an upset. Gallo, picked by many to win it all, pulled an Olson, losing by just one homer. Gallo went into his final minute with 11 home runs to Story’s 20, and he made it close. Story, the home favorite, parked one at an insane 518 feet.

Result: Story 20, Gallo 19.


Alonso vs. Perez

Alonso put on the best performance so far, ripping nine in a row at one point to get to 25 homers before the one-minute final run, and finishing with 35. He pumped his first at the end of the round, sending the place into a frenzy. Perez actually said, “Oh, my God,’ after Alonso’s round. Alonso’s longest went 514 feet. Perez really had no chance. though he crushed 28, the second-highest total so far. Perez topped out at 491 feet.

Result: Alonso 35, Perez 28.


Soto vs. Ohtani

Wow! A swing-off between Soto and Ohtani. Ohtani needed a monster comeback in his final minute to race back and tie Soto, who blasted one at 520 feet — the longest blast in derby history. The pair went into the OT tied at 22. Then Soto rocked six, including five straight to end it. But Ohtani turned it back on to tie him ... again.

The result of the three-swing double OT? Soto homered in his first two swings, and then derby pitcher Kevin Long threw one behind him to lighten the mood. Soto hit a bomb for the third one. Meanwhile, Ohtani yanked a grounder on his first try and it was over.

Result: Soto 30, Ohtani 28


Mancini vs. Story

And the hometown favorite falls. Mancini saved his best for last, crushing his 13th homer 475 feet. Story just seemed gassed.

Result: Mancini 13, Story 12

Soto vs. Alonso

As the sky started to darken, Soto hammered 15 bombs. His last one barely made it out - in fact, it needed a fan’s reach over the wall. The crowd seemed jacked up for Alonso, though. They were right to be excited. Alonso dominated, finishing off Soto with almost a minute left. With 90 seconds left and two homers to win it, Alonso called timeout — just to get the crowd back into the action.

Arizona Senate ballot recount expected to start Tuesday; rest of audit scheduled to end this week


Arizona Senate ballot recount expected to start Tuesday; rest of audit scheduled to end this week

a person sitting on a table: The audit of Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 general election continues in a new building at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix on July 12, 2021.© David Wallace/The Republic The audit of Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 general election continues in a new building at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix on July 12, 2021.

The Arizona Senate's paper-counting machines should start churning Tuesday afternoon, pushing the review of Maricopa County election results into a 12th week.

Delivery issues delayed the launch of the Senate's count, which was expected to start late last week. While that will extend some work into mid-to-late July, the effort that started April 23 should wrap up this week, audit spokesman Randy Pullen said Monday.

Contractors hired by the Senate already have started writing reports on their findings from their hand count of the 2.1 million ballots cast in the November election, as well as their tallies of votes cast for U.S. president and U.S. Senate. The reports are expected to be made public later this month or in August.

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Meanwhile, in a separate endeavor, the Senate is about to launch its own count of the total number of ballots cast. 

Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, last week said the count will be a check on the other tallies done of the estimated 2.1 million county ballots: that of the Maricopa County Elections Department and of the CyberNinjas, the Senate's contractor.

The Senate count will focus only on the number of ballots cast, not on how many votes were cast for the presidential and Senate candidates.

What To Know About The Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine And Guillain-Barre Syndrome


What To Know About The Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine And Guillain-Barre Syndrome

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration added a new warning for the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus shot, after a handful of people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome following vaccination.

GBS — a disorder where the immune system attacks the nerves — is a very rare complication known to occur after many different types of infections and vaccinations, including the annual flu shot and pneumococcal vaccine. The immune system accidentally attacks particles within the vaccine and ends up attacking the nervous system, too, leading to a sudden onset of tinging and numbness.

“It’s something that is a well-known process in the medical world, and it is exceedingly rare with the vaccine,” Sharon Stoll, a Yale Medicine immunoneurologist, told HuffPost. It’s much more common to get GBS after contracting a virus or a bug than with this vaccine ― or any other vaccine, for that matter.

Unless you have a history of GBS after past infections or vaccinations, this news shouldn’t stop you from getting the J&J vaccine (or any COVID-19 vaccine, if you haven’t already). And if you already got the J&J shot, there’s no reason to panic, either. Here’s what you should know:

Cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome following the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are extremely rare.

There have been 100 reports of GBS out of the 12.8 million J&J doses given. In other words, this is incredibly rare. It’s occurred mostly in men 50 and older, about two weeks after vaccination.

In the Johnson & Johnson clinical trial, two patients developed GBS two weeks after receiving an injection. One of the patients had received the placebo shot, and the other received the vaccine. That study concluded that there wasn’t enough data to establish a causal relationship between the shot and GBS. But now that 100 people (out of millions) have developed GBS after vaccination, scientists are taking a closer look at the link.

“It appears that this is an extremely rare occurrence and one in which the risk-benefit ratio still strongly favors the vaccine,” said Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security and an infectious disease expert.

If you’ve experienced GBS in the past, health experts suggest talking to your doctor, and if need be, consider opting for one of the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines if you haven’t received your shot already. There are a lot of great options available that can safely keep you protected against COVID-19 and the harms it causes.

GBS may also be a rare side effect of other infections and shots.

GBS is a rare reaction in which the immune system goes a bit haywire and attacks the nervous system. When it occurs after vaccination, the immune system goes after the vaccine particles (specifically, the vector) and ends up attacking the body’s nerves, causing weakness and tingling in the extremities. That tingling rapidly spreads upward, from the feet to the thighs to the groin and up. In very rare cases, it can eventually cause paralysis.

Stoll isn’t at all surprised there have been some cases of GBS in people who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. There’s no known link between GBS and COVID-19, but GBS has been traced back to other infections, including Zika, gastrointestinal infections and respiratory infections. GBS is also a known (and very rare) side effect after many different types of vaccinations.

We see it with the flu shot every year, along with the pneumococcal vaccine. “It’s a very, very rare side effect, but amongst neurologists it’s something we see” after flu infection and, less commonly, the flu shot, Stoll said. GBS appears to be even rarer with the J&J COVID vaccine compared to other vaccines like the flu shot, according to Stoll.

GBS can be treated in most cases.

Recovery, in most cases, is smooth. It’s often treated with hospitalization, during which time patients receive an infusion of immunoglobulins, which helps settle the immune system. “Most people, but not all, will fully recover from the weakness over a period of months,” Adalja said.

According to the Mayo Clinic, 60 to 80% of people can walk at six months, but the mortality rate for GBS is around 4 to 7%. Some people may experience long-term nerve damage and side effects like tingling, fatigue or numbness.

Bottom line: Don’t panic or worry about this news yet.

Health experts widely agree that the benefits of the J&J shot far outweigh the potential risks. “This should definitely not deter anybody from getting the J&J or any other vaccine,” Stoll said.

GBS is extremely rare, and when it does occur, doctors know how to treat it. If you get vaccinated, and a couple weeks later you feel a tingling, numbing sensation that quickly spreads from your feet upward, seek medical treatment immediately. If you’ve been vaccinated and haven’t experienced any side effects related to this, then there’s no reason to panic now.

Those who’ve developed GBS previously in response to an infection or vaccination may want to get one of the mRNA shots from Pfizer or Moderna, Stoll advised.

“Because we have two other great options, if you’ve had Guillain-Barre syndrome in the past, and it was like two years ago, I would say maybe the J&J is not for you,” Stoll said. “But that is it, that would be the only subgroup.”

Experts are still learning about COVID-19. The information in this story is what was known or available as of publication, but guidance can change as scientists discover more about the virus. Please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the most updated recommendations.

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